Clitoris vs Penis Nerves?

Q. Several of my friends, male and female were recently having a discussion about sensuality and nerve endings.

I have heard somewhere that there are 4,000 nerve endings on the head of a man’s penis, but 8,000 nerve ending on the head of clitoris.

Where can these facts be found, as we are now deep into trying to see what a woman's nipple contains and the rest of her sexual region?

A. Your facts are right. The clitoris is essentially a bundle of nerve endings. Measuring in at a meager 16 millimeters (yes, it’s so small that it has to be measured metrically), the highly sensitive unit contains 8,000 condensely packed nerve fibers. Interestingly, this sexual organ has more nerve fibers than anywhere else on the body, including the fingertips and the tongue.

The nipple is a different story; the nerve endings are spread out over the entire breast, rather than being exclusively in the nipple. In fact, you may find that she prefers other areas of her breasts being stimulated during Foreplay rather than just her nipples. At any rate, the number of nerve ending in the nipple still exceeds that of most areas of the skin; according to Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction, Volume 1 the “tip of nipple rather than the sides is the most richly innervated region”.

If you want to become an expert on female biology and you’re a detail oriented type, you will enjoy 'Woman: An Intimate Geography (2000)' by Natalie Angier. Not only is it a fascinating resource on everything there is to know about a woman’s geometry, it is witty yet mischievous, excellently researched and fully referenced.