She doesn't like my taste

Q. My woman and I have been together for 6 months. Sex is good and all, but she hardly ever wants to give me oral. Even though she says she doesn't mind giving blowjobs, she says the main reason why she avoids it is because she doesn't like the way it tastes. Huh?

A. A blowjob can be utterly satisfying for both parties. For a man, well, the reasons are fairly obvious. For a woman, Fellatio can serve as a total turn on, plus, she has the satisfaction of knowing she's responsible for making you putty in her hands, er, mouth.

One of the biggest hang-ups some women have about performing oral sex does have to do with taste and smell, and rightly so. You seriously can't expect any woman to wrap her lips around your penis if it doesn't receive the maintenance required to keep it smelling and tasting lip-smackingly delicious.

Cleanliness is one of those sexual matters that most people approach with caution and delicacy. If the offending party doesn't get the message, chances are the one doing the asking won't keep hounding; they'll end up avoiding. Could it be that your girlfriend dropped a hint - a glaringly obvious one from her vantage point - about your hygiene, but you totally missed the tip-off?

All is not lost, but it is time for hygienics 101. In order to make fellatio a pleasurable experience for her, you need to get your genital house in order, and by that we mean the following:

  • bathe regularly, especially after doing any physical activity and right before getting intimate.
  • do some 'manscaping' by trimming the pubic hair located on the pubic mound and testicles. Clippers are extremely effective but another option is to use a fine toothed comb and scissors, or to Shave.
  • always, always wear clean underwear - particularly if you sweat a lot.

You didn't mention whether you're circumcised. The foreskin can be a problem when it comes to taste and smell; it's also smegma central. Right before you have sex, excuse yourself to use the washroom, pull back your foreskin, and give it a good cleaning. Do it so consistently that she becomes confident it's always going to be washed and ready to go.

If your immaculate sanitary practices still don't sway her, suggest wearing flavored condoms during oral. There are so many flavors to choose from, and the flavor quality of these prophylactics is surprisingly good. If the taste of your semen bothers her, this solution kills two birds with one stone. Also, is often reported that avoiding red meat and eating fruit (especially pineapple) will improve the taste of semen.

If you want to receive oral sans condom reaffirm that, if she doesn’t want to, she never needs to swallow nor receive a load in her mouth, and be on your best ejaculatory behavior if she ever does choose to give you a blowjob again.

Another incentive is to practice 69-ing. Not only is it mutually beneficial, it will serve as an excellent distraction, especially if she's a nitpicker. Then again, you didn't actually mention whether you give her Cunnilingus or not.

Though it'd be a foolish way to get back at you, some people do withhold oral to get back at their partner oral stinginess. However, taste could also serve as an excuse to cover up deeper issues regarding oral sex; check out Not Enough Oral for more on this topic.