Best positions for my girl's first time?

Q. What are the best positions for my girl’s first time?

A. Some of the best ways to improve a girl’s first-time experience involve any one of the following: making her feel confident with you as sexual partner; preparing her for vaginal stimulation by giving lots of oral and manual stimulation, namely fingering; and of course, taking it slow. You can also select certain sexual positions that will be more conducive to making her first time intercourse as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. The key is to focus on the following four criteria:


    Relaxation: Once you’ve read up on Her First Time and the Female Orgasm, you’ll realize that the goal for both of you is to relax and go with the flow. A terrific way to help her achieve that is to allow her to lay back and enjoy the ride. A common introductory sex-position for many first timers, Missionary, is both sensual and highly intimate. It’s also a great choice for your girlfriend, because she won’t be distracted by intense physical exertion, allowing her instead to focus on feeling great.


    Easy Access: A simple, yet highly effective, variation of the previous pose, Inverted Missionary is one she’ll thoroughly enjoy. The angle and proximity between each other’s genitals will give her clitoris enough stimulation to send her through the roof, and the close physical contact between your bodies will keep intimacy high. This position is also great because her partner’s hands are free to caress her back, buttocks, shoulders … or any of her accessible Erogenous Zones.


    Shallow penetration: As your girl has never had sex before, deep penetration may end up feeling uncomfortable; this because it could put too much pressure on her cervix, and/or she does not yet have enough control over her vaginal muscles to accommodate you inside of her. Once she has some more experience under her belt, she'll learn how to navigate her body's responses to sexual stimulation. In the meantime, do your best to keep your thrusts contained, and choose sex-positions like Delight or Jockey to ease her into successively deeper penetration.


    Intimacy: Embarking upon sex brings along an entirely new set of unknowns, such as questions about Birth Control and protecting yourselves against Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs). These concerns can conjure up all sorts of mixed emotions during Intercourse, particularly when it's her first time. So, it is important to make your girlfriend feel safe and secure; discuss these matters in advance, and prepare her for the time when this level of intimacy arrives. This consideration will help put her mind to rest, and allow her to focus in a fuller and relaxed manner on the moment at hand. Then, there is no better way to focus on the nurturing caring aspect of sex, than a position like Lotus which embraces the spirit of intimacy and gives you the freedom to kiss, look into each other’s eyes, and slip away in one another’s arms…