How to straighten a downward curved penis?

Q. When my penis is erect, it points a little downward and sometimes affects certain sex positions. Are there exercises or techniques to straighten it out so it points out straight? Please let me know.

A. The shape and tilt of a penis is as unique as the man it's attached to. If the downward tilt is severe you may be suffering from a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease; this may require treatment, so you should speak to your medical practitioner if that is the case.

Though there are companies out there that promise to deliver a better Penis Size and shape, there's little clinical evidence to support their claims. Techniques like Jelqing have been used for centuries to manipulate the male member. As to whether any of them actually work, the short answer is, 'possibly, but often not as advertised' by vendors.

We suggest that if the tilt is relatively mild, rather than trying to manipulate your biology, think about how you could use that bend to your advantage! Run of the mill sexual positions that many men generally gravitate towards may not be your forte. But, the beauty of your downward tilt is that you can execute many sexual positions that are nearly impossible for most guys to perform.

If you peruse the Exotic section of our Sex Positions Guide, you'll notice that many of them require the guy’s penis to be bent far away from the body. In this case, your erect member is inclined that way naturally, making it more likely that you can get into that position in the first place, and then actually be able to sustain it.

Here are a few moves that are perfectly suited for you to try. A sex position like Bumper Cars is an unusual bodily arrangement that requires maximum penile flexibility. If it's physically achievable, a female on the receiving end will benefit from an intense G-spot massage.

Sockets is deep intersection of two bodies, perfect for stimulating the vaginal walls from a unique angle. When it comes to most men, Twisted Doggy is probably better suited for anal sex, but your slant makes vaginal penetration an achievable possibility.

Couple your descending slope with good endurance and the rest of the moves in the Exotic family will be a cinch to master. Standing positions like Brute and Pile Driver are hardcore quadriceps sex-ercises that will be sexually gratifying for both of you. And if your partner's also fit, a move like Overpass is definitely within your reach.

Look at it this way. Your tilt doesn't have to impact your sexual abilities. As long as you select sexual positions that bring out the best in your performance, your lover won't care which way it hangs.