Broken Condom - Pregnant?

Q. I had sexual intercourse last night and, as always, we used a condom. But after he ejaculated, some of his ejaculation came down the condom while he was taking it out (it did not break) and got onto the opening of my vagina. By calculating my fertile days, the day before I might have had an ovulation. I did wash it off with hot water and soap right away, but is there any possibility I could get pregnant? We are not in a serious relationship. Please help.

A. Anytime semen comes into contact with the vagina there is a risk of pregnancy! It is even possible (though considerably less likely) to become pregnant during your period. When you are ovulating the risk is much greater. Sperm move incredibly quickly, so that although you say he came on the opening of your vagina, and you washed afterwards, there is still a risk that some made their way into (and up) the vagina.

When condoms are used properly, they are about 90% effective in the prevention of pregnancy. Unfortunately, since many people don’t use them correctly, and mishaps occur, the actual effectiveness is in the mid 80% range. Condoms should therefore be used in combination with Spermicide for better protection (note: spermicidal condoms do not contain enough spermicide to be considered much more effective than a regular condom).

If the possibility of pregnancy is undesirable you should seriously (and very quickly) consider using the ‘Morning-after Pill’ . Visit your doctor, Family Planning Clinic or pharmacy NOW.


is it true that u can get pregnant by pre-cum???

yup. So never listen to a

yup. So never listen to a guy that says he'll "pull out before he comes"

Yes it is true

Yes it is true

How to know that condom has failed even though not torn.

If there are 10 % chances of becoming pregnant even with good condom, is there any method to see that even after using condom, you are among this 10 % where condom has failed. This will help to take after-pill in morning.
All this when the condom is not torn after sex.

I dont think there is any

I dont think there is any difference betwen precum and cum.