Positions for a bad knee

Q. My partner had a knee operation and bending her knee causes a lot of pain. The operation was 2 years ago and it probably won't get better. Are there any positions that can cause less pain for her?

A. My concern here is for the pain that your wife is experiencing two years after her surgery. If you haven't already, I would advise seeing your medical doctor to find a solution for her as she shouldn't have to live with the pain indefinitely. In some cases the pain can be treated with medication and/ or physical therapy. If loosening, infection or alignment issues are suspected, a second surgery called a revision knee replacement might be advised.

For the time being you can still enjoy a varied and exciting sex life, making a few modifications and being a little more creative! Obviously, any positions that keep her from flexing her knee or putting unnecessary pressure on it would be best. Check out our 3D Animated Sex Positions Guide for a plethora of ideas, making the necessary adaptations for your wife´s bad knee. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • 69 Sideways – get your wife to keep her bad knee straight during this position.
  • 69 Inverted – you on top. This will work if your wife can bend one knee, keeping the other straight and maybe out at a bit of an angle.
  • Arm Chair – for this position all the work should be in her arms.
  • Ben Dover – bent over position, legs straight.
  • Bodyguard – standing position, legs straight.
  • Butterfly – with her leg/s up on the seat of a stool or small chair.
  • Cowboy – no problems here!
  • Crab – keeping on leg straight and the other slightly bent.

I hope that helps to get the ideas flowing. Good luck, and have fun!