Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets

There are many different tantric practices that aren’t explicitly sexual; rather, they focus on things like internal energy. During intense arousal or orgasm, a person can reach a mental state that is very still with an effect similar to that of meditation. By extending your lovemaking long enough to stimulate erogenous zones, areas of the body that are most receptive to erotic touch, you bring energy into them, thus generating a highly charged physical response. This is where Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets comes in...


Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets is an adult educational video that is part of the Loving Sex Series created by the Alexander Institute. It is presented in the form of a very intimate couple’s tantric sex class. The hosts direct the students in the practice of tantric techniques and provide commentary and guidance throughout the show’s duration.

The topic begins with ‘Key Concepts in Tantric Lovemaking' and follows with a thorough analysis of the 3 categories of erogenous zones … primary, secondary and tertiary. Once each group of highly sensitive body parts is explored, they jump to ‘Putting the Practice Together‘, where the couples are given sequences of erogenous zones to excite. ‘Positions for Tantric Sex’ examines two classic female-dominant sexual positions that can rouse incredible erotic energy. The video ends with ‘Concluding Thoughts’, where the couples share their experience of practicing tantric sex.

Presentation (8.5/10)

Mark Michaels and Patricia Dodson, the authors of the book ‘The Essence of Tantric Sensuality’, host the video. Their book is an in-depth examination of Tantric philosophy; it’s was a winner in the Health: Sexuality category of the National Best Books 2007 Awards, as well as a finalist in the Eastern Religions category of the same contest.

The segment of tantric sex principles that that they focus on is specific and instructive enough in order to give a viewer a good set of tools to work with. I often see instructional videos that are too broad and don’t give enough range of skills to practice within a particular category. This presentation did a good job of balancing the right amount of detail to communicate.

Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets is explicit yet tasteful. I say tasteful not because it avoids showing too much; rather it displays a lot of eroticism in the way it pays careful attention to the profound intensity that can be reached. They set aside enough time to clearly demonstrate how to perform each skill – it doesn’t seem like the couple are rushed or uncomfortable and they appear to be very genuine in wanting to please one another.

Content Quality (9/10)

Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets would be well received well by a diverse range of viewers because it combines candid coaching with energetically charged sexual scenes. There is a lot that people can pick up from this production, whether they are clueless or curious, or even already very capable at passionate lovemaking.

An average person would feel confident about trying and even integrating this information into their regular sexual practice. Whether you’re inspired to try stimulating a particular erogenous zone or launch into some of the more complex zone patterns that they include, you’ll certainly walk away from this video with a new sense of awareness and admiration for the level of consciousness that can be reached through sex.

Sex Appeal (8.5/10)

I met up with some girlfriends for some wine and chit chat and decided to bring along some of the adult videos I needed to review. It was so entertaining to hear their diverse opinions but there was one thing that everyone agreed to hands down; this video was by far the hottest one. There we all were, heads cocked to one side murmuring ‘whoa’ and ‘hot’ in fascinated rapture, while our wine glasses drained increasingly quickly.

This video is very realistic and extremely sensual. The couples seem like they are genuinely getting turned on and make sincere efforts to pleasure one another. What really made it sexy was that you got to see their slow sensual progression with each part of the body and you could sense the anticipation build up not only in the actors, but yourself too! You will definitely want to replay and refer back to Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets.

Video Quality (7.5/10)

The video quality is reasonable. The participants are always in the shot and they make use of different camera angles. The filming doesn’t overly favour copulation shots to the actual joining of the couple, which is often the case with many porn movies. You can still see, for example, how the demonstrators perform fellatio on one another, but it is important to include the participants’ responses to the stimulus.

Audio Quality (7/10)

The music is the signature Alexander Institute sound, which is similar to a single guitar, strumming slowly. It was used to transition to different segments and as a background for some of the voiceovers. I love that you could hear the moans and the slight intakes of breath that the actors make because it really adds to the overall sensuality of the presentation. The audio quality was fair but certain scenes sounded a bit tinny; fortunately, it was quite subtle.

Extra Features (5.5/10)

The extra features are the standard ones that are included in the Loving Sex productions: tips from a sex coach, general sexuality information and web links. There are previews available for all of the Loving Sex productions as well as a bonus scene. The bonus feature is a 15 minute scene from “Ultimate Massage”, which features a British lady giving her male partner a genital massage. It seems like it isn’t a very new production and, frankly, is a bit cheesy. However, the scene has good material showing how to lead in from a massage to a hand job.

Overall Score (7.7/10)

This is one of my favorite adult educational videos to date. It’s got the right mix of information, sensuality and impact. Although the extra features and audio/video quality didn’t blow me away, the content and genuineness made up for it many times over.

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