69 Sex Position Family

69 Positions

The old saying goes, its better to give then it is to receive... but when it comes to sex, we find it best to give and receive at the same time! The 69 family of sex positions consists of those alignments where two sexual partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.

To learn more about the techniques to use while in this position, make sure to check out the oral sex section of this website.

69 Sex Position

Give-as-you-get oral pleasure! It can almost be just too much to take ... if so, be careful not to bite down TOO hard! :P

inverted 69 Sex Position
69 - Inverted

More give-as-you-get pleasure, just flipped over so he's on top. Not much movement for her, so watch the periscope depth sailor!

Kneeling 69 Sex Position
69 - Kneeling

Feel like adding a considerable lift to your lay (day)? Try this one - but for the sturdier of back and strong of arm only...

Sideways 69 Sex Position
69 - Sideways

Total comfort and dual oral - who could reasonably ask for more? Lick, suck, rest... lick, suck, rest... you get the idea!

Sitting 69 Sex Position
69 - Sitting

Feel like adding a little lift to your lay? For those who like a challenge but aren't ready for kneeling and standing versions.

Standing 69 Sex Position
69 - Standing

Feeling like adding a really BIG lift to your lay (day)? For the sturdiest of backs and strongest of arm only... steady there Big Boy!

Face Off Sex Position
Face Off

How's that for a way to settle your differences? Except in this battle, both of you end up winning!

Golden Gate Sex Position
Golden Gate

If you can bridge the gap, there will be pleasures waiting for the two of you on either end; truly a thrill-seekers 69!

YMCA Sex Position

Our version will have something for both of you to enjoy. It'll be so fun to stay at the Y that the M-C-A will just have to wait...