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His 68 Sex Position

One short of the Inverted 69 Position, this arrangement is called the His 68 position. The performer lies down with the receiver on top of them, facing the same way, in a head-to-toe fashion. The position is great for both fellatio and analingus, just make sure to put a pillow under the giver's head to reduce the neck strain. Conveniently, this position affords excellent opportunities for the performer to use their hands all over their partner's body.

I've tried this with a couple

I've tried this with a couple of guys but we stopped pretty quickly because they found it very uncomfortable and slightly painful...

I dont know about this

Looks painful with smaller women im 6ft 2in and I cant imagine.laying on any one iv been with this is a no go

weight issue

not saying my bf is heavy but im not the easiest bed to lay on. im afraid he would crush me! :S im only 130 and he is 220 i dont like being in places where i cant breath

I'm not sure if I'm proud or

I'm not sure if I'm proud or jealous that mine is hard to bend down to even just straight out when I'm hard, much less all the way down. Won't be doing this one.

well wnted to try this with

well wnted to try this with my bf but dnt knw if it would be a good birthday gift for him any suggestions


Here is a suggestion... Go to school and learn to spell...

Id love to do this with my

Id love to do this with my bf but im super tiny and thin and hes way bigger and has alot more muscle weight thne me so i dont know how well it would work out.. any ideas?

you could both try turning

you could both try turning on your sides

thanks for the heads up. i

thanks for the heads up. i was gonna try this one on my b/f

It looks kind of difficult

It looks kind of difficult ... i agree with the person above -- wouldn't it bend the guys cock?!

guys, wouldn't this bend

guys, wouldn't this bend your cock? lemme know

dude i felt like my dick was

dude i felt like my dick was gonna break. and when i busted a nut all over her face and in her mouth she tried swallowing in but my cum was way too thick for her. so she started to gag and choke. then i shoved my huge ass cock down her throat. like so far i think i touched her lungs.

young ghost
do it bend yo dick

naw it dosen't but the girl i did it wit swallows and she was deep throatin me when i went in so i was good


yup....definately......its very difficult 4 my gf 2 do dis

me and my bf do this but my

me and my bf do this but my bf lies on hi belly and suck's me IT IS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All I can say about this position is, his ass better be sanitized and sparkling clean before it gets THAT close to my face!

I worry for the same thing x3

I worry for the same thing x3

I really want to turn my Bf

I really want to turn my Bf on.. any guys have some tips that you like, that might work for him??

Just try it

Well play with him in slow motion if you guys are un the mood do it just asking how much he weights get him on top of you and get his cock in your mouth he will like it.

turning him on

to turn him out you should slowly, sexily take off your clothes. grab his hands and put them on your boobs. whilst he is playing around with your boobs bend down and undo his trousers. pull them down along with his pants. lick the tip of his penis and move away, slowly, and look into him deeply and hungrily with ur eyes. then he'll want more ;) trust me ;)

i wanna

i know im wantingto get my guy really going to but im new to sex stuff so im not sure either

69 his

is that chick sucking his cock or his balls someone tell me?

Pico Cyn
She is probably sucking his

She is probably sucking his dick, although there isn't any reason why she can't pay attention to his balls as well. Really, once you're down there, you just put your mouth on anything you see.


I have to totally agree with that one. When I am down on my man I will lick suck and rub anything he will let me near....

: ))

I think it's fuckin sexy!!
It's nice when young sexy chic is suckin' your big hard balls and penis : ))

What's your favorite thing

What's your favorite thing that you like the girl to do?

my boyfriend says he likes

my boyfriend says he likes me sucking the tip of his penis and playing with his testicals aswell. really turns him on. ;)

I want to do this so bad. Im

I want to do this so bad. Im a virgin, and I want to please my boyfriend. Anyone want to give me ideas about doing this the best way to please him. I'm so excited right now, and I will do anything to make him happy.


show your love and desire for him. he will be horney and satisfied


I did this to my boyfriend he weighs like 30 pounds more then me but i didnt care i was too focused on him. I love you Austin <3

This was great

This position worked so well, he came so fast but got up in time to plug me with it. The moans were so loud frm him!!! Lovely angle for sucking hmmmm wil do again ;)

double pleasure position

Me and my bf were in the bedroom. He suddenly came and ripped our clothes off and he pulled me onto the bed. He started with deep stick which got me wet. ;) I asked him to try something with me, so... I lay upside down on top of him with his dick in my mouth while I spread my legs and he leaned forward to eat me out at the same time. It took a lot of practice but since I'm long and slim he didnt need to lean as much to eat me out. It was fabulous, I tickled under his cock's head with my tongue and he could hardly eat me out from moaning. He loved the fact I could taste myself on his dick. We do it almost every night, so fun. <3

Don't wanna try that one...

This position looks easy for the 3D animation, the chick is not feeling the weight of the guy at all! I cannot image trying this one, my boyfriend weights about 185 lbs and I weight 117...he would crush me! LOL

yeah i agree...

yeah i agree...

hahaha i feel the same

hahaha i feel the same wayyyyy

Not really...

Not really. My husband weighs about that much, and I'm 4'11", 110lbs. He doesn't crush me at all; in fact, I love his full weight on me.

Weeerrrrrddddddddddd I

Weeerrrrrddddddddddd I totally agree

that's right!

that's right!

I agree with you

I agree with you

Being a gentleman (lol), I

Being a gentleman (lol), I use my elbows and hands to keep my weight off women when doing the missionary. That won't be as easy in this position.

68-hers is far better. I would enjoy that one for hours but get bored of this one in 2 minutes.

i dont think i'd like this

i dont think i'd like this position much. it would probably kill my boobs


I so want to do this one.....

An honest opinion
Id think the girl being on

Id think the girl being on top would be much much better.. more mobility!

HIM: bit nervous (most guys

HIM: bit nervous (most guys weigh what,10 to 40% more than partners?) for her, but hell, she insisted! Bit tricky to bend myself that far, sitting up a little helps. Better she uses her hands on your cock, and he mouth on balls and below...
The latter was a first for me, and i *ahem* enjoyed it ;) messy belly though... :(

HER: i didnt find this position as tricky as it looks. He sat just at the top of my breasts, and it was easy to bend his cock enough so that the head fitted into my mouth. however the stimulation was not that great so i transferred to my hand and used my mouth around his balls and legs, and then the perineum, which he sure seemed to like!! But the weight issue isnt that bad as his weight should be evenly distributed so the boobs dont get too squashed anyway :D

Jack Thomas
It is new to me.

Really it will be tougher for female. I will enjoy by feeling great touch ...........let females give their own feelings on this. But I am sure it will be difficult for girl.

i would not do this with my

i would not do this with my bf, i mean i wouldnt like to have his ass all on my face, lmao

love is all about passion-to do things always good for all

i think a heavy man is bad in this position unless the woman is full of strength and willing to shoulder the burden..

If you're the man in this

If you're the man in this lovely position, just be sure not to eat Mexican that night. My wife and I had a bad experience. I mean, my ex-wife.

hahaha wow


I havent tried this

because hes heavier than me and it must hurt him bending his dick that far down...